Steel Tec Metallbau - Edelstahl & Stahlverarbeitung
Steel Tec Metallbau - Edelstahl & Stahlverarbeitung
Metallbau - Stahlbau - Edelstahlverarbeitung - Schweißtechnik - Drehen / Fräsen - Abkanten - Biegen - Wasserstrahlschneiden
Metallbau - Stahlbau - Edelstahlverarbeitung - Schweißtechnik - Drehen / Fräsen - Abkanten - Biegen - Wasserstrahlschneiden


Steel Farm Tec GmbH is a supplier of your quality products. For this reason, we focus not only on the expertise of our staff, but also work with modern machinery that ensures an effective and fast production.
Be it the new production of your components or further processing - in our production we can specifically address your individual needs.
We specialize in the processing of stainless steel and aluminum. For detailed inquiries and an initial consultation please contact us.


Our Services / Services
  fully equipped welding stations
  • Grinding and Drilling
  Pipe Bender 76.1 / 88.9 mm - other sizes on request
  Press brake 160 tons, max. Stroke 410 mm, max length 3550 mm
  lathe up to 1500 mm - bending machine up to 1500 mm, max. D = 315 mm
  CNC milling 450x300x400mm
  Manual plasma cutter
  Waterjet Cutting Machine 3000x2000 mm work surface.
The water-jet as a universal tool offers many advantages: no thermal stresses, hardening or stress at work.

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